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Independent Writing

"What is so special about Colleen Cruz's ambitious book is that she shows us that we can truly teach independence in writing. Our students can become writers who take initiative, make plans, learn from other writers, and apply writing strategies on their own, not only in class, but outside of school. I know of no other book quite like this one!"
--Carl Anderson, Author of How’s It Going?

"This book has the potential to change the professional conversation about the teaching of writing . . . Many thanks to Colleen for writing a book that will take us somewhere new."
--Katie Wood Ray, Author of What You Know by Heart

"We all dream of leading thriving writing workshops in which every student is hard at work on a self-initiated, self-designed piece, each completely different from the next. We dream of creating confident writers that don't rely on us to put their thoughts and words to paper in powerful ways. The path to realizing this dream can be chaotic. With this much-needed book, Colleen Cruz brings us the courage, humor, and ingenious methods we need to coach students to work and excel at writing on their own."
--Lucy Calkins , Author of The Art of Teaching Writing