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Time for Balancing Small Groups and Conferences

I'm back in the blogging saddle again.

I had to take a little (by little, I mean 6 week) break to finish writing my new book - and it is at last finished (at least from my end). Phew and yay. But in the meantime, I have collected many fantastic questions/issues/ideas that I  Read More 
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Readers for Our Writers: Publishing Ideas for Writing Workshop

Thank you, thank you, for your great response to my very first blog post! Blogging (totally new to me) is a strange experience and you made it a lot of fun.

It was also confirmed for me that there is a lot of trouble in the world of writing workshop. I’m so excited!

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This is officially my first blog post.

I always swore I would not blog because it would take too much of my writing time. But, swears are meant to be broken. And, since I'm on a writing deadline, it stands to reason that now would be the perfect time to start blogging, since procrastination  Read More 
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